TMR Design applies Visual Analysis tools to connect, compare and contrast artworks with their contexts.

Our references are Alois Riegl concept of the Motif, Aby Warburg’s Memory Boards, Ernst Gombrich studies of Perception. We translate their philosophies into technology that we call Visual Analysis.

Internally, we can start with interdepartamental collections of a museum or a private collection and create a comprehensive picture-based document that can become the springboard for new dialogues regarding up and coming projects. This process will facilitate the initial steps of the exhibition making.

Another way to use our Visual Analysis tool is to focus on a single or a set of artworks, expand their visual contexts, which allows the audience to gain fresh perspectives on the work. We compile the report by adding new visual contexts from science, cinema and media to the artwork in question.

Externally, our Visual Analysis tool can be used to create interactive digital materials that will support alternative narratives of your exhibition. This process will expand the horizons of any specific artwork on display and make your exhibition even more memorable.