We constantly update our design process with new AI visual models. We are learning to look at brands through the lens of AI. Whereas photography indexed the real, AI synthesis signifies the imaginary. Its technical images no longer mirror but model possible worlds. How can we orient ourselves in AI’s endless hall of mirrors?

Mathematica Animals : Wolfram Mathematica software used in science and engineering is a surprisingly visual and graphical software. It instantly visualizes functions, data, networks, geometries, and animations, beautifully and in great detail. This collection of pre-historic animals originates from Mathematica graph of multi-directional aggregation and tiling.
AI Visual Models : Photography freed artists from realistic representation. It took over the documentary role of art and gave rise to expressive, conceptual, abstract, and imaginary. AI could free designers from solid middle-ground work, requiring technical skill and intricate detailing. While AI pulls towards the middle of the curve, it also frees designers to focus on conceptually clear and analytical work. AI Visual Codes could be seen as the essential outlines for technically polished work created with AI VisualModels.