We are experts in architecture, design and store planning. We build boutiques that are not just beautiful, they sell products. We develop thorough plans for how customers shop, navigate a space, and encounter products and collections, applying retail sales expertise at every step.

We connect store architecture to brand, products and retail strategy. We start with an extensive analysis of the brand’s design vocabulary, history, cultural impact, products and audience. Our unique approach, Brand Geometry, expands and enriches the brand’s architectural and visual vocabulary.

We discover brand’s fundamental building blocks and refashion them in new and surprising ways. We create visual elements that are deeply rooted in the brand’s traditions: new shapes, patterns, textures, and spaces that feel unexpected and inevitable.

Every part of a store: walls, floors and ceilings, product display, showcases and furniture expand your brand’s design vocabulary and tap into its collective memory. For each brand, we develop unique material combinations, textures and lighting that make retail space recognizable without the use of a logo.

Using our experience designing and prototyping product displays for Chanel, Louis Vuitton, Loewe, Boon the Shop, Zegna and Dior, we bring customers closer to products, resulting in multiple purchases, increased margins and sales.

We make retail projects happen, from concept to opening day. We build mock-ups, draft technical drawings, help select manufacturers, review shop drawings, supervise prototyping, and oversee production and installation.

We design boutiques that turn heads, creating a conversation piece that intrigues and captivates, a destination that visitors want to spend time in
…and a work of art

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